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Maglia™ New Colours

Immersed through a colour experience, Spradling® has created a new Maglia™ colour range. We want you to blend with nature, we want you to go back to the essential. The essence of inspiring, creating, feeling, building and caring.




Carrer Garbí 3, Barcelona 08213

We are the leading manufacturer and worldwide partner for Coated Fabrics. Our research and design teams are committed to continuous innovation by offering our customers performance-driven coated fabrics, and we lead the industry with up-to-date colours and textures.

Our commitment is providing protection and high design by offering upholstery solutions for your sophisticated creations. We continuously invest in new technologies, improving the resistance and durability of our coated fabrics through exceptional finishes and treatments. Our Coated Fabrics meet the most rigorous technical standards in terms of flame resistance, anti-viral, anti-microbial and anti-stain properties, superior UV protection, impermeability, high abrasion resistance, and easy-to-clean capabilities.

Behind every Spradling® product, there is a bigger purpose. Our design goes beyond enhancing spaces and meeting the most demanding needs. We are motivated by a commitment to the future, by having a positive impact on the environment, and by enhancing the lives of people and communities around us.

We are a global company acting as a local partner. Through our local agent based in Dubai, we can be close to the region and attend the market needs. We also ensure the availability of our products, servicing the Middle East market directly from our warehouse located in Spain (Barcelona). European distribution and service are managed via three warehouse locations: Germany (Hamburg), Spain (Barcelona) and the UK (Didcot). With 6 other warehouse locations and two production facilities, we are servicing over 75 countries around the world.

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Luis Castaneda - Sales Area Manager
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Pooja Garg - Middle East Sales Representative
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Main Office

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