EQA Office, Madrid

C/ Joaquín Bau 28036 ,Madrid, Spain

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Designed and build by Destudio the EQA is an organization dedicated to certification and verification; and that commercial point is part of its corporate culture. Therefore, the design of this office remodeling project revolves around making sense and adapting the space to these needs both commercial and purely labor. With more than 600 m2 of space, EQA’s offices in Plaza Castilla (Madrid) stand out for their sober, serious character, but without forgetting the modern touch so necessary in today’s workspaces.

The first thing we find is a large reception, designed to receive customers and therefore make sense of the commercial needs of the company. This reception welcomes us with a counter designed with a large-format porcelain tile. Another of the characteristic elements of this space are the wooden slats that surround the entire reception area. These slats have an aesthetic but also an acoustic component. In this same reception we also find a small waiting area accompanied by a vertical garden of preserved moss, which brings a cozy touch to the space.

Another of the main protagonists of this Open Space is the Color Block, a central space designed in corporate green and designed to be a totally playful environment. The tables and chairs are designed to be used for short periods of time and not to remain working there permanently.


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600 sq-ft.



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June, 2022

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