Make Learning Fun & Flexible

Feature Image: Hayarden School, Tel-Aviv by Steinberg // Fisher; Photography Credits: Itay Benit

Education spaces are evolving. Classrooms are now more than just four walls with desks and chairs. Corridors are morphing into activity hubs and dedicated social spaces are beginning to be an intrinsic part of briefs for institutions. Soft skills are finally getting the recognition they deserve in a curriculum, and interior spaces need to upgrade to bolster this renaissance. Here are ten products that can help curate student-centric, flexible, tech-savvy classrooms…

A Student’s World on Wheels

Available in a variety of colours and modules, the Node Collection was born out of a perceived gap in the market. Not only does the module cater to flexibility in classrooms, but it also solves the menace of unorganised storage. Student backpacks which are often scattered on the floor can be stored in the lower rack of the Node Collection.

Stack Style

The Hatton Stacking chairs’ graceful and minimalistic design is achieved using a single-piece injection-moulded material that combines polypropylene and glass fibres, making it entirely recyclable. Using sustainable products in a school or institute fosters an innate sense of responsibility towards the planet. Alongside, the Hatton Stacking is robust, comfortable, and lightweight. The subtle curvature of the backrest incorporates a built-in handle, making it effortless to move and efficiently rearrange the seating arrangement in a given area.

Ergonomic and Elegant

Mac chairs offer a wide range of choices, making them incredibly versatile and suitable for various educational environments. The chair’s seating and backrest alternatives encompass laminate and plastic materials, and it’s also possible to opt for an upholstered seat. With the inclusion of a gas spring mechanism, these chairs allow seamless height adjustment, promoting ergonomic and comfortable seating positions for users. In the taller version, there are consistently included cushions and a footrest for added comfort.

When Agility looks Good

The mobile FRAME_S Boards mounted on castors provide the flexibility to rearrange open spaces in innovative ways as needed. These boards also allow for the incorporation of items like flip charts and whiteboards, rendering them not only as room dividers but also as functional surfaces for writing, working, and presentations.  If furniture in a space has to be adjustable, so do the teaching aids.

Light like Snow

The Snow seating collection has become a contemporary classic due to its whimsical design, versatility for both indoor and outdoor use, and the convenience of being stackable. These chairs are crafted from polypropylene infused with glass fibres and produced through the gas air moulding technique, resulting in a sturdy yet lightweight construction.

Functions you didn’t know you Need

Thesis has been developed to meet the changing educational trends of today. These tables can be employed to establish collaborative spaces for group activities and discussions, or it can be separated to offer independent learning options. Thesis learning tables come with accessories to support the evolving lifestyles and technologies introduced into classrooms. Also, Thesis library tables can be divided by a central screen and configured as carrels to provide a dedicated environment for focused tasks.

The Criss-Cross Beauty

A creation of the Orangebox design team, this stool features a contoured seat made from layered plywood or with upholstery, delicately perched on a slender metal rod frame. The frame of the stool moves gracefully in a diagonal back-and-forth motion, featuring a distinct junction positioned beneath the seat. This junction not only bolsters the frame’s structural strength but is also complemented by a suspended footrest underneath, enhancing the stool’s overall appeal.

Life-size Seating Lego

Kiik is a modular collection that offers opportunities for work, socialising, and relaxation, all designed in visually striking forms with numerous configuration possibilities. The core elements of Kiik include seats with or without backrests and tables available in triangular, circular, square, or rectangular shapes, enhanced with ottomans and low or raised consoles. Additionally, the integration of USB power outlets on seating surfaces ensures convenience.

The Diffrient-ce of Unparalleled Comfort

Diffrient World was designer Niels Diffrient’s attempt to produce the most streamlined, yet fully functional task chair ever conceived. Featuring an inventive three-panel mesh backrest that offers personalised back and lumbar support while maintaining a lightweight build. The design eliminates traditional mechanical components and instead relies on the principles of physics and the natural weight of the person sitting to provide an ideal recline for each individual user.

Iconic and Inspiring

The elephant that Charles and Ray Eames originally created from plywood in 1945 is now available in plastic, offered as both a toy and a decorative item in buoyant colours. Its versatility makes it suitable not only for children’s rooms but also for educational settings like schools, where it can serve as a playful addition to classrooms or common areas.

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