Winter is Here – Outdoor Furniture Picks

It’s that time of the year again. Temperatures drop to the early 20s, there’s a cool breeze in the air and the phrase “let’s chill”, takes on a new meaning. For residents in the Middle East, the months December through February bring a much-awaited respite from the unforgiving heat we’re exposed to throughout the year. That means more opportunities to hang outdoors than being confined to the air-conditioned walls of our offices and homes. 

If you’ve got an outdoor space you want to make full use of – a backyard, garden, patio, or you run a restaurant alfresco style, you’re probably looking at the outdoor furniture to change things up. No problemo, we’ve got you covered! We combed through our collection to bring you our top six picks of the best products to get in theme for the winter season. Let’s get that BBQ started!

Featured Image credits: Bush Home, Mabote, Johannesburg

Break by Giorgetti

Most outdoor dining setups are centred around a nice big dining table around which friends and family gather for a nice meal. If you want to make a statement, we suggest the Break table by Giorgetti. With a beautiful top made of inserts in brushed grigio oriente marble, the design of this table is meant to express the shape-function duality. The body is made in aluminium and protected stainless steel, powder painted in carob colour, and legs in ash wood.

AMAi by Extremis

If you’re looking for more of a community feel to host large groups, then AMAi is the product for you. It provides all the flexibility you need for both an indoor and outdoor setup. We love the innovative multi-functional design of AMAi – it allows people to smoothly slide the tabletop from ‘sitting height’ into ‘standing height’ and vice versa. Additionally, the overhead frame supports LED Lights, connectivity, and a shade to protect from sunlight and rain!

Wing by Vondom

The Wing collection from Vondom is for those wanting to add a bold character and make a strong statement in their outdoor setting. Its curvy contemporary design makes a strong visual impact while helping you move away from traditional rigid structures. The collection includes a stool, bar and coffee table, and a lamp that’s available in white and black finishes.

BARCODE Modular sofa by Varaschin

This sofa collection has outdoor vibes all over it! The design element that stands out is the supporting structure in solid teak wood, with slats of different sizes. It has a simple yet cozy design that just makes you want to lie on it with a blanket and bask in the outdoors. With plenty of fabrics and finishes to choose from, you can’t go wrong with Barcode. The foam used is the Dryfeel® open-cell foam – a load-bearing foam that dries much faster because of its extremely porous cell structure; ideal for outdoors in case it rains.

Neuz Outdoor by Andreu World

The Nuez is one good looking chair. Its contemporary design that’s usually reserved for corporate interiors has been built to fit seamlessly well in any outdoor setting. It gives style and class to your furniture collection. Nuez Outdoor is available with a new four-legged teak base and metal sled base with a treatment that makes it resistant to outdoor conditions as well, making it the ideal addition to your outdoor setup.

Bysted Garden by Louis Poulsen

Nothing like a couple of nice bollard lights to create a warm ambience. Named after its designer and creator Peter Bysted, the Bysted Garden is a downscaled version of the iconic Bysted bollard which won second prize in a contest organised by Louis Poulsen  nearly 50 years ago!

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