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SANCAL DISEÑO, S.L. Polígono Industrial La Herrada C/ Principe de Asturias, 18 – 30510 Yecla

Sancal was born under the Spanish sun some fifty years ago, and we remain there to this day. Our Spanish identity: passionate, open, joyful yet humble is captured in every design.

The firm designs balanced products with a strong identity, but which can be personalized at the same time, because the diversity of humanity is the measure of everything. Sancal has a contemporary style, timeless and eclectic. Its premise is to design products which go forward with us, which bring value and allow to create personal, singular spaces.

For Sancal design should be a source of innovation, to develop new concepts and improve existing products. Simplicity, to make our lives easier. Closeness, to make the new familiar. Creativity, to thrill us.


Our motto is a call to action, to contribute. Start by smiling, because good humour is the key to good work. Break with the established. It’s possible to design a happier world.

We are happiest imagining stories that inspire designers and architects to surprise us with their brilliance: interiors that are beautiful and elegant, yet fun and stimulating, creating wellbeing for those that inhabit their spaces.



Founded as a small upholstery workshop, Sancal has grown to become an international benchmark in the habitat sector thanks to a holistic vision of design.

Founded as a family business in 1973, the firm was conceived during the heady days of Spain’s transition to a modern democracy.

The company grew close to the design community, especially in Barcelona, manufacturing pieces commissioned by a pioneering design editor before going on to collaborate with Juli Capella in the prestigious cultural project for the ’92 Olympics with Valencian designer JJ Belda. Miguel Milá, one of Spain’s most lauded designers, went on to create three emblematic pieces for the brand.


The second generation joined the company at the beginning of this century.  Esther and Elena Castaño-López brought a fresh insight of design, and it became more emotional, hedonistic and extroverted. They are also responsible for the artistic direction, leading Estudio Sancal.

Estudio Sancal grew into a multidisciplinary powerhouse in its own right, boasting inhouse graphic, industrial and interior designers, a dedicated master upholsterer and artistic direction. Total control, from inception to manufacturing and commercialization.



Design goes beyond products. It stems from its commitment to improve people's lives, from a functional and emotional point of view.

Sancal's approach to design has evolved to a new way of designing new products. Collaboration with freelance designers has gone from being occasional to a regular way of working. In recent years, Sancal has renewed its offer with more than 50 new products signed by designers of the most varied origins and styles: renowned and new, national and international, engineers and artists. All of them have influenced the evolution of the brand, as they broaden the way of understanding design.

Thus, the calm expression of studios such as Note, the organic forms inspired by the nature of Toyo Ito, the conceptual language of Mut, or the more graphic language of Sylvain Willenz, the inventiveness of the French Lesur and Venot, the refined lines of the Estudihac atelier, or the eclectic and colourful vision of Raw Color... constitute very different aesthetic languages and at the same time give shape to a coherent catalogue. The harmonious coexistence of so many unique products have a lot to do with the involved artistic direction of Esther and Elena from Estudio Sancal.



Our 19,000m2 factory resembles an oversized atelier. Fully integrated with the Studio, it celebrates craft, staffed by those that take pride in bringing challenging designs to market.

Based in Spain’s largest furniture producing cluster, it draws on generations of know-how and furniture manufacturing culture. Sancal promotes local production culture and is committed to the know-how of generations of skilled artisans. Our industry is still manual, laborious, as upholstering involves making tailor-made suits.



Our most artistic side leads us to dream and create experiences to inspire, committing to emotion and re-imagining our products through colour, materials and tactility.

We also believe in the power of diversity and different understandings of product and space by the architectural and interior design community. Our products are versatile, and the customisation options are almost infinite; they have an entity of their own, they can be eclectic or mimetic. Because in the end, a space is nothing more than the result of the character of the person who designs it.



After more than a decade of intense and constant product renewal, we can say that our current catalogue is fully aligned with the innovative, expressive and creative design we want to offer.

All our products use state of the art contract grade materials and are designed to provide the comfort required in a domestic setting. It is, then, no surprise that they are to be found in exclusive residences or some of the best hotels and restaurants. Yet maybe office spaces, shops and hospitals are a little less obvious. At Sancal we keep an open mind and are always keen to help bring some happiness to new areas.



Our products are designed to last and thrill. To age with grace.

Sancal goes beyond passing trends and fashions by designing products that stand the test of time both aesthetically and in terms of durability. In fact, they are designed to be repaired or dismantled, thus helping to extend their useful life. They are tested for strength and durability in an independent laboratory and most pieces are covered by a 10 year limited warranty

Sancal employs responsible manufacturing techniques that minimize its environmental footprint, such as the use of water-based solvents and responsibly sourced wood. With the recent expansion of its industrial facilities, a major investment has been made in the extraction system. The 19,000 square metre facilities are powered by solar panels.

We strive to minimise the environmental impact of our industrial process, certified under ISO 14001 standards and have been awarded the Indoor Advantage Gold seal.



Sancal is a family business born in the Mediterranean. All our products are Made in Spain, and this identity is reflected in our passionate, fresh, jovial and humble character.

Beyond our commitment to our local roots, there is our love for culture and for a way of life that is close to people's real lives. Maintaining cooperative ties between our community is an invaluable asset and also a great responsibility.



Our products can be found in over 90 countries, 71% of our turnover.
79 people work daily in two factories, both in Yecla, Spain.
An average of 70.000 meters are upholstered every year.
Our combined manufacturing space totals more than 19,000 m2.
Most of our raw materials and supplies come from local companies.
We manufacture around 32,000 seats per year.