Come, Look, Sit – Short term seating solutions at a glance

Short-term seating furniture is becoming increasingly popular in the modern world. Today, people want to have quick yet comfortable interactions which have inspired the creation of interim seating solutions. These furniture pieces are typically lightweight and minimalistic which makes them perfect for use in residential, hospitality, and commercial projects. So, we present to you a list of ergonomically comfortable seatings that are redefining contemporary interior design. 

This is a hybrid one-legged sitting-standing seating solution that is perfect for lobbies and lounge areas. Its colorful and eye-catching appearance makes any interior space look cheerful. They are ideal for spontaneous meet-ups and also provide health-boosting benefits with their swing-back mechanism.

The design of Ballo is inspired by designer Don Chadwick’s vision of what multipurpose seating should be. He conceptualized the stool to be fun, engaging, and meant for active sitting. The cylindrical central column and lightweight air-filled domes on either end bring flexibility to the design. This seat provides freedom for movement and is available in seven vibrant colors.

Set by Famo

If you need a voluptuous lounge chair for your project- Set would be an ideal choice. The design of this chair rightly balances aesthetics and function using artisan skill and technology. The use of warm materials and colors makes the chair feel relaxing.

se:lab hopper can be an interesting addition to agile interior spaces such as workshops and offices. This comfortable seating furniture is designed for impromptu interactions. It is easily moveable, maneuverable, and space-saving which makes it a good choice for compact interiors.

This stool is designed with clean lines to achieve an understated aesthetic. It introduces movement to people’s day-to-day life. It’s a highly functional piece of furniture that is dynamic yet safe and stable standing.

MyFlow is a classic chair with a twist. Built with wood and metal, this chair is light and soft-lined. A rich upholstery gives the chair a sophisticated look. Its comfortable yet alert form makes the chair appropriate for use in offices, lounges, and hotels.

The Sprout stool collection combines organic forms with innovative ideas and minimalistic details. The design of the stool is inspired by nature and it, therefore, reflects various colors and textures. It is an excellent choice for corporate spaces because of the flexibility it provides.

This armchair is designed for comfort. Its organic form and generously curved seat back add a relaxing vibe to any space. The chair is available in various colors which makes it apt for use in residential and commercial interiors.

Windowseat is designed to provide a feeling of retreat. This chair has a canopy and offers visual as well as acoustical privacy. It is suitable for use in offices and lounge areas where long hours of sitting are involved.

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