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BASWA DTG is specially engineered for direct installation to MF grid – with outstanding aesthetic and acoustic properties.

BASWA Natural

BASWA Natural and its pre-coating of recycled glass granules combines ecological properties with excellent sound absorption.

BASWA Natural - The Sustainable, Seamless Acoustic Solution Made from Natural Fibres Is Now Available

From homes to museums: plant-based building materials cut reliance on scarce resources and build healthy, efficient and zero carbon buildings.


BASWA acoustic


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BASWA acoustic are the pioneers of seamless acoustic ceilings, and their acoustic surfaces can be found in some of the finest buildings in the world.

Pioneered and produced in Switzerland, BASWA Phon has a smooth marble plaster finish which is suitable for both contemporary and heritage or conservation projects. With sound absorption up to Class A, there is no compromise on design or acoustics. Hard materials such as large areas of glazing and tiled floors are very reflective of sound, which can make entertaining or even just having a conversation noisy and difficult. It doesn't have to be this way. BASWA acoustic ceilings are highly effective at absorbing echo and reverberation, with a smooth plastered finish that will fit in with any decor.

BASWA Phon integrates acoustics into the design with the highest quality, smoothest and most versatile system on the market.

Product variants include BASWA Cool, which can replace or support traditional HVAC with integrated radiant heating and cooling, with no forced airflow and great acoustics.

BASWA also offer the low carbon BASWA Natural panel and have an EPD to prove their sustainability credentials. BASWA systems are available in different thicknesses for optimised performance, and in any colour or even special finishes.

BASWA is suitable for optimising interiors of private homes, workplaces, airports, universities, museums, hotels, theatres, restaurants, swimming pools and town halls so they can be more inclusive, functional and healthier environments.

Quality of system:

  • Produced in Switzerland, proven over 30 years and used in some of the most prestigious buildings in the world

  • All components are porosity matched to maintain long term appearance over the entire surface

  • Airtight system to prevent the latent appearance of panel joints and the localised collection of dust

  • Full maintenance, renovation and repair concept, including stain removal and mist coat renovation

  • Huge range of specialist accessories for design flexibility and quality

  • Almost unlimited colour options with UV stable pigments, plus special finishes including glimmer and concrete effect

Quality of materials:

  • Trowel smoothed marble surface coating – durable, beautiful and UV stable unlike cellulose or synthetic material

  • Suitable for sensitive heritage and conservation work as well as contemporary schemes

  • Specially formulated fibreglass for plastering without compression or sag, not repurposed thermal insulation

  • Highly sustainable including up to 94% recycled content, heat recovery during manufacturing and very low VOC’s (EPD compliant with EN 15804)

  • Euroclass A fire performance

Quality of service:

  • Highly experienced, trained and certified installers

  • Worldwide expertise and support from the originators and pioneers of seamless acoustic ceilings

  • Independent, innovative company with a single purpose to improve wellbeing through acoustics


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