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We are trying to capture and anticipate the spirit of times in order to be leaders of the evolution of furniture world, enhancing our tradition, improving our organization and creatively imaging our future.

Quinti armchairs, tables and complements for office, house and hospitality are inspired by the concept of functional design. Technical and aesthetic quality but also innovation, use and customization. The change and references’ transformation represent the strongest characteristic of modern companies. We are trying to capture and anticipate the spirit of times in order to be leaders of the evolution of furniture world, enhancing our tradition, improving our organization and creatively imaging our future.

Quinti was founded in 1975 and it develops in the mechanical sector as a producer of metal components for chairs and sofas. 1993 is the year that determines the turning point in the company’s history. The arrival of Mirko Quinti begins an unstoppable development process that still lasts. Over the years all the processes have been internalized, the collaboration with designers has made the products internationally recognized, but above all the company has organized itself with a young and competent staff, able to face every challenge with enthusiasm.

The two plants are modern and organized so as to guarantee healthy and safe environments. The offices located in building a, creatively designed, offer a different color to emphasize the uniqueness of each space. The showroom has been renewed by the idea of the architect baciocchi and is designed to better present the products divided by areas of interest. An original shelf in silver finish shows the most recent collections.

We have organized the productive processes of armchairs, office accessories and furniture in order to make them effective (in terms of client service and quality of the product) and efficient (competitive in terms of costs). In this way the processes are able to satisfy the market demands and to adapt to the possible changes of these demands. The organization of the processes has ensured the steady growth of volumes which touches 50.000 annual pieces now. 

Creating a new product means following every moment of development with care and attention.

We combine the search for original forms with the desire to create practical and functional products. To the value of tradition and of things done well that represents our starting point, we have joined with time a marked sensitivity for the search for materials, for the combinations able to surprise and for the care of details that make each product unique and personal. 

Each Quinti armchair is made with artisan care and using top quality materials. The collections represent the result of aesthetic and functional choices able to satisfy the market demands. “your personal chair” program is the answer to those who love details and search for an intense and unique experience in choosing an armchair. Quinti artisans will realize the armchair based on the client’s instructions, creating a real custom-made product. The pursuit of quality is the principle that inspires our every daily action.

The reputation of a company does not depend exclusively on the financial results achieved, but above all on the activity management. We apply all our experience, to promote active protection of the environment, taking into account, already in the initial stage of creation and product development, all the variables so that they weigh as little as possible on environmental resources. The 75kw photovoltaic system allows the complete autonomy of the two plants, guaranteeing maximum energy efficiency. Over the years, Quinti has increased its presence at the main international trade fairs, salone del mobile in Milan, orgatec in cologne are moments of meeting with market operators that Quinti promotes by creating increasingly big and important stands in terms of size and creativity of the setting up. Moreover, Quinti supports its customers and suppliers, thus promoting the presence of products also in other events related to design and furniture.

Quinti collections are born from the collaboration with important design and architectural studios, expert people able to provide an innovative vision of products for office and contract. Qualified interlocutors skilled in office design and in the stylistic research of the company, daily working for a continuous renewal of the proposals in the name of originality and comfort. Choosing Quinti collections means rewarding a process of creation and realization made entirely in Italy and capable of making each proposal unique and original.

The success on the Italian and international market of Quinti products has grown steadily over time. Important companies of the most varied sectors have chosen Quinti as a partner to realize big projects of furniture. The technical and commercial offices are constantly engaged in supporting companies and designers all over the world to provide ever new and functional solutions to the changing needs of offices, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, airports and every working space and hospitality.

Riccardo Arrigucci
Export Manager
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